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For an air that is pure and free of viruses and bacteria

OptiFlo® Compact HB6000
is a high efficiency air filtering and purification system that has been specifically designed for the most demanding environments in terms of air quality.
This system increases the safety of processes in the pharmaceutical as well as the drink and food processing sectors, guaranteeing the highest level of pureness of the air. Its operation as well as small size makes it ideal for strictly controlling the air circulating in the most sensitive industrial environments via a solution that is small size but with great potential.
A system that guarantees safety at all times
With the aim of increasing the safety of the process and guaranteeing the maximum pureness and quality of the air in the room and the process, OptiFlo® Compact HB6000 includes a Bag In-Bag Out system that allows changing filters in a manner that is safe for the operator as well as the environment. Thanks to this system, which is present in both filtering stages of the OptiFlo® Compact HB6000, safety is increased for the user that is handling the filtering elements, eliminating the risk for any of the captured particles from returning to the circulating air.


  • Quick installation
  • Easy integration in new or existing buildings
  • Safe & clean air at all time
  • Simple maintenance with alerts and remote control

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