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Health Care & Pharma Industry

Tomorrow’s challenge is to develop new medicines that can prevent or cure currently incurable diseases. Today’s challenge is to get to tomorrow – and that’s a tall order in itself.

The commercial environment is getting harsher, as healthcare payers impose new cost constraints on technology  providers.

PureMedion  offers  a  wide range of filtration /separation techniques present on the market  from particulate control to bioburden control. being product  provider  of traditional filter cartridge systems, stainless steel and single-use components as well as  services. Furthermore PureMedion offers intelligent solutions turn key systems for purification of factory inlet  as well as efluent water.

PureMedion is exclusive  distributor   for innovative light activated water purification systems.  From recycle water to discharge. improves process yields and product quality. Eliminates organic compounds from the water, provides heavy metal removal and pathogen sterilization. A complete advanced oxidation system without chemicals, cleaning cycles, or maintenance.. The result is ultrapure water,  with extremly low  TOC levels without the use of hazardous materials.