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Industrial Air Filtration & Climatization

Industrial air conditioning systems are present everywhere as in production  plants, buildings, hospitals, computer centers, electronic and other kinds of industries.

Being distributor of  premium brand producers  PureMedion offers  comprehensive clean air solutions. The  AAF Flanders, BlueAir  and Ecofil® family  products represents  quality and performance, from simple roughing filters, to air pollution control, to gas containment removal, to the highest efficiency filters used in the most stringent clean environments.

The palette includes:

Coarse, fine, absolute  filters as sheets, bag filters, cassettes as well as filters for spraying booths (painting cabines) floor filters, ceiling filters and also to driers-high temperature filters, filters for industrial dust collection... cartridge filters for  wet and dust collection for different industrial applications as: mills, cement plant, lime plants, iron steel plants, aluminium, wooden, pharmacy, beverage, chemical, industry, foundries, incinerators, sugar factories...aso