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Disaster Response

Municipality and health care water reserves are critical  components of a community’s response and recovery following an emergency event, such as a large natural disaster  or localized event such as a fire explosion, flooding, aso.

The resiliency of the community depends on GOV and NGOV  first aid, health care facilities and other critical infrastructure maintaining their water capabilities during these incidents.

In the case of natural disasters and  damage of civil water supply network,  large masses can suddenly become vulnerable. In such cases, all disaster scenarios’  first priority is to ensure immediate supply of clean water  from the accumulated reserves ...

But what if there is  no …..or run out of accumulated reserves ???? ...

Beside the PureMedion’s proprietary membrane technology based containerised treatment systems  our company offers  solution having the distribution right for revolutionary new water treatment Puralytics products and equipment  that elsewhere -  mass disaster hit areas -  have been already well proven .